Mighty Math Number Heroes

Mighty Math Number Heroes 3.20

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Mighty Math Number Heroes takes kids of ages 8 to 11 on a trip to a math metropolis where friendly number heroes rule the day! Along the way, they will encounter four exciting activities covering fractions, multiplication, division, geometry, and more. They'll have to use their heads, boost their smarts, to get to be a Number Hero too.
Kids using Mighty Math Number Heroes will:
# Explore four irresistible math adventures.
# Test their wits in challenging logic games.
# Practice basics like addition and subtraction, plus trickier skills like multiplication, division, fractions, patterns, logic and probability.
# Learn to interpret graphs and charts.
# Master converting fractions to decimals.
# Use shapes and designs to study geometry concepts like congruence, symmetry and area.
Mighty Math Number Heroes can help to keep children focused, challenged and eager to succeed, taking into account that sometimes the critical grade school years can make or break a student’s math confidence.
Available for Win and Mac users.

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